Through to Glasgow today for the last family gathering of this festive season. Lunch was hosted by our elder son, his partner and the baby boy. Our Christmas present to him was a bubble machine which has gone down well. The baby boy enjoys the bubbles but  his almost 10 month old cousin, the baby sister, becomes rigid with excitement when she sees them. She squeals and shouts with delight and it is tempting to put the machine on just to see her reaction. So on it has been switched today. It's quite powerful and the bubbles go everywhere. I think it might be better suited to the garden when spring arrives. Anyway here are some bubbles for Abstract Thursday with thanks to  Ingeborg for hosting the challenge. 

The weather was poor until about 3pm. I went into the garden with my son to do a bit of cutting back - well he did it and I passed comment. Planning the garden for the coming year is one of the pleasures of January I always think. 

Home now and we're starting to pack the decorations away till December. 

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