It isn't Twelfth Night but 2nd January is usually the day I choose to tidy away the decorations. I left the advent window and it can stay in place till 6th but the rest, barring a few twinkly lights, is away till December. I quite like the sense of normality returning - or at least I do most years. Who knows what normality is now.

January 2nd 2015 is when I posted my first blip. It's a few days till the milestone blip though because I had a couple of unplanned breaks in 2017. I think more carefully about what I blip now than I did then. Whether or not that's an improvement is for debate. I think it is but again who knows.

I don't think I'd have blipped something like this 6 years ago. I'm blipping it today because the light, shade and reflections please me. So does the decluttered look. The brass art nouveau mirror above the fireplace was made by a great aunt at night class. My sister has the other one. They weigh a ton. Nothing is straight in this house. All the lines are wonky.

A beautiful day for being out walking with a dog. That was this morning's activity. I'm going to make the most of the sun and go out again. Hope you're having a good weekend.

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