Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Nothing Fancy

My second yard bird for the year is the common Dark-eyed Junco.  There are actually five color variants of this species with ours (the slate-colored) being the plainest, in my opinion.  Still, they are cute little birds that fill the yard every winter with soft trills and chips.  This one is a female, showing more brownish tones to her back.  I will put a male in Extra.  One of these images was layered and masked - I'll leave it to you to decide which one.

Hubs and I ran some errands this morning.  Probably a little too much time on my feet, especially after yesterday's festivities.  So, once we were home, it was a cool Epsom salt soak for my broken foot.  And then, since I couldn't help myself, I walked out into the edge of our woods to retrieve a feeder that a bear must have hauled off last year.  It's beyond redemption so into the trash it goes.  I just happened to spot it when I was looking out the upstairs window yesterday morning.  

Yesterday was such a fun time with my Hubs' racing buddies.  They all built pinebox cars and, with much hilarity and trash-talking, the cars were sent flying down an impromptu track.  Good food, good fun, good people and some belly-laughs to start the year.

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I need to up my game this year...


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