An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Christmas comes down...

Awww....the decs are all down and collected in their respective rooms awaiting safe packaging before disappearing into the loft till Christmas 2020 which, if this year goes as quickly as the last one, will be in about 10 minutes time!

This wasn't my first choice of blip today.  I well David finally got my  portable photo studio set up and I hoped to use it to create my blip but the LED lights are faulty so the whole thing will have to be returned.  I am not happy!  Although, on the plus side, D did suggest I get a better quality one, so that is now on order and should be here by the middle of next week.

My second choice for a blip was a shot of Alan having his first pool dook of the year,  but he and Lana headed out at 2.30pm and Lana totally forgot he was meant to be swimming at 5pm.  When she realised, she asked him if he wanted to come home but he was having too good a time in Perth, so he opted to stay out.

So, fast running our of blip options, it was third time lucky with the Christmas decs.

In other news, David's Christmas pressie of a photobook of our trip to the Hebrides in September has finally arrived.  Off to have a look at that :-))

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