Still in the Cup - but only just

Another load of washing done.  Washing up - done.  Sorting out paperwork - partly done.

Then it was time to listen to the footie on the radio. FA Cup game.  Newcastle were playing away against Rochdale. Newcastle were poor - but they scored the first goal.  " Miggy " was the scorer.  (His second goal for the club.)  The second half was no better but up until the 79th minute Newcastle were clinging on and were still ahead.  But they allowed the Rochdale substitute to score.  40 year old Wilbraham.  So the match ended in a draw and there will be a replay.  Really Newcastle should have beaten a League 1 club and be through to the next round for certain. 

This image was not supposed to be my blip shot.  I had thought a cat would be an easy option.  Silly me.  Tino was in his radiator bed - posing nicely  - so I got my camera to take a shot.  Then he started rolling around wanting tummy tickles.  The shots I took were all blurry.  So I moved on to Lily.  She was sitting on the dining table - posing nicely.  However just as I was about to press the shutter she started cleaning herself.  For ages.  I gave up.

So I started taking the decorations off the Christmas tree and decided to blip my Newcastle United bauble before its packed away until December.  While I was taking my shots the tree started moving - the silly cats were playing around the bottom of the tree.  I say playing -  it was more like fighting. 

Musical link BAUBLES Bangles, and Beads by Frank Sinatra

So because of silly Newcastle United and silly cats I'm tagging my blip for Silly Saturday hosted by admirer

Steps today - 4,996 

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