Bold and beautiful

While MrM disappeared in to the woods to re-stock some squirrel feeders, I packed away the Christmas decorations, then worked in the 'yard for a couple of hours. Re-potted one of the Christmas trees, did lots of tidying up, and some re-arranging - one of the new pots is now in position. Later today I shall order a bare-root rambling rose to go in it.

This little guy is one of several leucistic blackbird that come in to the 'yard, and specialise in flicking the soil from the containers on to the concrete, though occasionally they go on to the feeder. Presumably they're searching for worms and grubs, but they make a terrible mess! In the blip he's on top of the wall, wondering whether to risk coming down in my presence. He's quite bold, so he did, and hopped around between the pots for most of the time I was outside.

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