By seizetheday

Winter warmers

Last winter, horror of horrors, I managed to lose my gloves. At least a decade old, they were warm, water-resistant, and good for just about very outdoor activity. Perfect!
So this year I needed a new pair and, not surprisingly, couldn't find any just like the old ones. Now I have these. On the right, the emergency early season purchase - woollen flip-top mitts, idea for photography on those not-so-cold days. On the left, the little black numbers. Bought online, they're thinner than I thought they would be, but made in Scandinavia of two layers of Merino wool, much warmer than they look, with the added (and unexpected) bonus that the thumbs have a special finish, enabling you to use them on a touch screen. And the red ones? Not gloves at all, but wrist warmers, a gift from Lucy. Thanks to blood-pressure medication, I now suffer from cold extremities, and having icy cold fingers isn't ideal when using the keyboard! Strangely, these help a lot, and I'm wearing them now, as I type!

Another indoor Blip as it's yet another cold, dreich day when it's hardly seemed to get light, with little outside for Blip inspiration. Just glad that we're heading towards spring, and though it's a while yet before it will get warmer, it will very soon become noticeable that it's staying light a little longer each day...

Lockdown 3, day 1

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