By Veronica


I know, it's too easy when I'm blipless to just head a little way up the road steps and photograph the ever-present neighbourhood watch. But they are very cooperative subjects.

Note: this is not Mystère. He had his follow-up visit to the vet today; she was pleased with progress but told me to keep giving him the eye drops and tablets and she'd see him again on Friday. I decided there was no justification for keeping him indoors any more and he was fed up of it, so he has regained his freedom. And chased two cats from the garden, fortunately without any contact. Today's alternatives here and here.

As for S's follow-up appointment, he's still coughing and sneezing, and the doctor told him he has laryngitis, so more medication for him too. Spanish class today was cancelled because teacher B had a doctor's appointment. I am hanging onto my relatively healthy state. Off to choir practice this evening.

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