After dark

Days are getting longer. We've gained 20 minutes of daylight since 22 of december in Kalmar. It doesn't seem like much but I would like to say I've noticed it. Wishful thinking probably, the notion of longer days ahead makes me want it to be noticeable. 

But, on a day like today, when I had a student a couple of hours in the morning, then lunch and a brief trip to the shop to get some milk before the afternoons rehearsal with Bengt made me miss all physical contact with the light, apart from the twenty minutes of shopping. I realised I hadn't taken a blip and I hadn't had a walk either, so I set off in the dusk to get some fresh air down my sore throat.

I played a bit with my camera, moving it around when a car was passing me along the main road through the village. Quite nice, like a little laser show on an ordinary Tuesday in January.

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