A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Beautiful box

This beautifully decorated wooden box was one of my Christmas presents from daughter Grace and s- i- l John. I love it and it is now on my dressing table with my most frequently worn jewellery in it.
The only problem is I have several other boxes on there, one I bought in Jordan and two others that are past gifts from friends . I realise that I rarely wear anything from either of them so had a bit of a sort out and have managed to put one of them out for recycling. I have three small drawers with jewellery in too so I need to sort them sometime. You seem to end up wearing the same selection most of the time, many of the things originally came from a colleague who used to bring jewellery into school to sell. Loved them at the time but don’t often wear the big and bold statement things now.
In the background is a picture of Grace and John on their wedding day. It’s my favourite and was taken be friend and fellow blipper Wendles56 not the official photographer. They are coming out of church at the end of the service and I love both their expressions and the way the light shows off her lovely dress. Seems a long time ago now!

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