It's not just youngsters

...who study their phones in public places rather than engaging in conversation.

After a refreshing night's sleep, Basil and I left to catch the bus to Loughborough. Having said that, I forgot to take in the old phones to hand in at the market stall, one of the prime reasons for going into town.

We breakfasted at Baxter's Tearoom, where this was taken. Basil received two biscuits and I gave him some of the crust from my toast. I just felt I had to take this shot. We shouldn't malign our youngsters if even oldsters can be glued to their phones.

Then we went to visit Aziz. He was having trouble with his phone and was trying to call EE, but was continually being cut off. He had to borrow my phone to call them eventually. It transpired that it was a network problem. We had a good laugh and he bought me a latte.

Next to the fish stall. Perry and Louie had had a good holiday. Perry had been to New Zealand. Louie had got as far as Barrow. I bought whiting for supper tomorrow night. The egg lady was not on the market.

Baz and I wandered up and down with me taking photos here and there before catching the bus home.

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