Never the same again!

What a beautiful day! Mrs M and I walked down to the town under a blue sky and fluffy white clouds - the harbour was looking good with the red against the blue and white. It's a picture I've taken so many times, but I've put one on as an extra anyway. The  ferry from a snow-capped  Mull came in just then and added to the picture. We stopped out for lunch and by the time we started to climb the hill for home the sky was almost cloudless!

After fixing my glasshouse base down on to the sleepers I thought I might drive down Glenshellach to see if there was another sunset as beautiful as that on the last day of the year. Unfortunately there was a bank of cloud on the horizon and the sun was also going to be setting later and further to the right after an extra nine days. I scrambled up the hillside which was slimy with mud and sheep droppings and stood for half an hour waiting for something to happen, but it was never going to be as good. While I was there a fellow Photo Club member appeared beside me, putting me to shame as he'd walked all the way from his house, which is not far away from mine, and was walking back even tho' I offered him a lift!

Lovely to see the sunshine again!

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