HUGE Lemon? NO?!?

That was my 1st impression.

A thing I knew of, but have NEVER, in 70alot years, seen. It must be a DiY "Earl Grey tea" kit; it's actually a Bergamot.
Beetham nurseries were having an Orchid weekend. Jerra and I went down today and, as usual came away with enough potential Blips to last a month at one per day - (Rules permitting, which they ain't.) 
However surprise! surprise!! I had an attack of logic.
The annual owls were there and I've Blipped owls a time or three. 
A metaphorical million Orchid flowers in multiseveral shapes, sizes and colours; but, except for tomorrow if we go again for different talks, I'll not see a Bergamot again until I'm 154.6 yrs old and I somehow can NOT imagine THAT.
I'm tempted to bung a few Orchids into "Flickr".

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