A day in the life

By Shelling


Todays duties has again partly been controlled by what the outdoor conditions looks and feels like. Most of Sweden have got an unusually mild winter. Normal, even here is, at least cold weather with the skating season in full swing. Now the nearest natural ice is a thousand km away, in the northern parts of the country. Being born in the very south I'm used to mild winters so I don't mind a bit of grass peaking through the frost but this feels a bit weird. People get depressed by all the grey and dampness, clearly everyone is affected in some way.

Apart from a couple of hours in the morning when I went to see the doctor to get an annual check-up concerning blood values and heart rate and I got some new medicine for my psoriasis. I feel ok and expect the results to confirm that belief. 

I named the blip 'progress' partly as a contrast to the weather, partly as a comment on my work with the ongoing music project that seems to develop nicely. The view is a familiar one, I've used it often and it always gives me a sense of calm, regardless of the current weather. 

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