Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Heavenly confusion

Here is my entry for today's WidWed challenge.  I thought the subject was to be 'Heavenly' so I had all my ducks in a row and only read just now that it might also be 'Shapes'.  I hope this covers both, though it really was meant for 'Heavenly'.

Whichever, thank you so much, Bob, for hosting ;)

This is the ceiling of the Guardian Angels Chapel (no apostrophe, tut) in the north-east corner of Winchester Cathedral (best seen in Large - sorry).  The info board reads:
This chapel takes its name from the beautiful heads of angels that decorate the vault.  They were painted c1240 by Master William, the King's painter, and restored 1959-60. 

I have put a close-up of one of the smaller angels in Extras, including one of the gold stars backed by a disc of the blue of Heaven.  I'm assuming the restoration is itself rather in need of attention from the look of this face - either that or the poor winged-one has had a nasty outbreak of blackheads..

Pip pip, peeps  xx

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