By seizetheday

Looking back...

Grey and windy yet again, and wetter as the day progressed - a little damp walking back from the GP's this morning, a bit wet going to and from singing later on, and absolutely soaked hurrying back from yoga tonight! But a good day all the same - my BP seems to be stabilising, singing was fun, and it was a good yoga session.

Tackled a bit more of the dreaded paperwork, and found a pile of old photos at the bottom of my 'in tray', where they've been lurking for several months. They were sent by my sister who had taken them from a couple of old family albums from my parents' house. Many of them are posed shots of my sister and me; on the face of it, two happy little girls. Looking back, in reality two children constantly walking on eggshells to survive in a post-war family full of discontent, resentment and anger. In an age of 'stiff upper lip'. But we both survived, and there are some happy memories too! 

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