By seizetheday

Vive la France

Friday and, yes, you guessed - another rather gloomy, damp day in north Northumberland. Intentions to do a bit more in the 'yard put off again until the weather's a little less horrid.

So it was a day of domestic stuff and admin., before an evening relaxing in front of the TV for an episode of 'Dark' (we're hooked), with a glass of red.
It's French wine, in my favourite dragonfly glass (also made in France). Wondering whether to 'invest' in a bottle or two (or more) of wine before the end of the year, when I fear the price may go up...
(We usually buy European wine, in the hope that it has a lower carbon footprint than the stuff imported from half way round the world. Besides which, we like it, so it's not gonna change, trade deal or no...)

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