Looking for Black Panther

I’m looking for Black Panther. He likes to sleep in the trees, and when he hears me, he comes down. I’m his best friend. He has to fight bad animals, but he doesn’t like fighting. He likes to walk by me and let me pet him, and he purrs and bumps me with his head and sometimes he almost knocks me over, he’s so powerful. He doesn’t know how big he is. He likes me to sing to him, and his favorite song is ‘Pop Goes the Weasel.’ I feed him chicken that I buy in the grocery store in the jungle. The grocery store is all covered in leaves, so most people can’t even find it, but I know where it is. Me and Black Panther speak a secret language. It sounds like Mnnh and Cahhh, but we understand each other and we go on adventures together in the jungle. 

Extra in color.

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