I am camera

By Martinski

Trying to find a way back to you....

.... is the title of a new song I recorded, today with my pal, Davie. It felt good to be doing something new. I got a new  battery for Maris into the bargain. 'It's a bit sparky,' she said. I told her she would get used to it. The song is one of these mysteries, which came to me in the middle of the night, like a dream.
I'm rolling through the years
I'm choking back my tears
Trying to find a way back to you
I'm trying to find a way back to you
I don't know who 'you' is, but when I sing it, it feels very powerful. The listener will find their own 'you.' I sing it in a croaky voice, like this song is coming from a old man. I've never sung in this voice before. My first post bus pass song. Extra: panorama.

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