Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Redefining Conservation

It's been a mega busy day and I am just about managing to keep my eyes open! I had to wake up in the middle of the night to hang up a load of washing so that I could iron it in the morning! It wasn't dry enough, so only a few items got done.

We met up with friends of friends who are visiting Dubai for the very first time. The main attraction was staying on the QE2. They have a short trip so will be packing in as much as they can over the next few days.

They hit the ground running starting their first full day with a trip to At The Top. We picked them up in time for lunch which was at Biker's Cafe. Bob is a big motorbike fan so it was right up his street. Even more amazing, they actually had several British bikes there - something I've not seen before.

We headed to the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary from there as it was coming up to feeding time for the flamingos. I am so disappointed with the way the hide is being operated. Loads of residents bringing their kids and now it is becoming a stop for tour buses. A busload of people in a tiny hide. It was like a zoo! As if it wasn't enough that after declaring it a conservation area, the worlds tallest structure is going to be built where you can see the buildings in the distance. Oh well. I really shouldn't have gone anywhere near the place on a weekend.

We moved on to our locale - Karama - mainly for a money exchange. That didn't take long; we headed back to the ship for B&C to change for the evening... They had a nice stroll along the newly redeveloped Al Seef before we put them on the Bateaux Dubai. What a great start to a holiday! It's been a beautiful, clear day; perfect for sight-seeing and taking pictures.

My extra is the four of us in the super bowl. We had a few minutes to kill, so they got shown Chapters (for the bar made of speakers). We had a tour of a premium room in the hotel. It was fabulous, and if that wasn't enough, we then got taken up to the infinity swimming pool on the roof. There's a rooftop bar there, so G can't wait to go back for a drink. The views are fantastic. :)

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