Murphy’s Law

By laurie54

There And Back

The city of Tucson is relatively small with a population of about 520,000. (The metro area is about a million.). I was stopped at a light and realized I was looking directly towards downtown. I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures. As a contrast, I pulled of to the side of the freeway on the ride home to take pictures of what my drive looks like as soon as I leave the city limits. Nothing but desert and mountains for the final 35 km of the trip. I’m feeling much better today so it was nice to get out.

The weather is really awesome with a high of 75°/24°. As you can see, there’s but a wisp of clouds and the wind is calm.

Also on the way home, I picked up four pizzas and brought them to the guys on the picket line at the ARASCO copper mine in Sahuarita. It’s owned by a Mexican conglomerate. The guys told me there hasn’t been an offer on a new contract since October, when they walked away. Readabout it. As a former union president, someone who sat across the table negotiating for better pay and benefits, I support these guys 100%. And they were very appreciative for the pizza.

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