By KatesGardenPDX

Mahonia Adorned with Jewels

I felt well enough today to go on our customary Sunday morning walk in the Arboretum today...yay! Granted it was a bit gentler than usual...my husband looked at a very long set of stairs going up a steep hillside....the ones we usually take...and I just said "NO"! But we had a great time.

The sun was out when we arrived and of course it's been raining, so the plants were all cloaked in raindrops. I don't think that I've ever really seen rain beaded up quite this way on a plant...little globes of moisture. Although I used my iPhone (once again quite pleased!) my eye saw these perfectly round globes as well. 

Today's blip is of Mahonia aquifolium - Oregon Grape (that's what we call it here in the Pacific NW). The extra is of another sort of Mahonia - the label only said it was a species. But how cool are those drops?

Hope you've all had a marvelous weekend!

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