By Missycat

MonoMonday313 A poorly girl

Yesterday Violet started to feel unwell with one of her high temperature episodes and so we were prepared for her not being well enough to go to school today.  She had a night of interrupted sleep and so has had a very long nap early afternoon, having managed to consume two bowls of porridge first.
This morning was one of emails and phone calls for Mr MC and myself as we try to complete the transfers of contracts to the new owners with the last few of the service providers The company that provide our internet (but are better known for their mobile phone services) cannot be contacted by phone or email to do this: instead we are invited to complete a 'simple' online form which requires a level of paperwork and proof of ID  from the new owners that is staggering.

Many thanks to our host, Laurie54 , who's theme this week is 'rhymes with quick.  My choice is 'sick' in two senses of the word:  sick as in unwell (Violet) and sick and tired (of those services providers) as in very annoyed!

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