Some folks have'nt been on their plot in a while

so will take a bit of work to LICK their allotment back into shape. Jim's plot is looking worse for wear since the storm. His bean STICK's, okay, technically canes, will need a bit of untangling. He's a fan of leaving the plants in the ground to die back ...  the nitrogen improving the soil. I'm a Virgo, as I've mentioned before, so for me, the bean STICKs, mine are STICKs, coppiced hazel, have to be pulled up, & stored for the following year. Another glorious day up on the plot, I was going to stay and prune the fruit bushes but thought I'd better get back home, hubby would be waiting for me to search for car insurance quotes. I'd been out to say hello to George & Jean .. George had the grumps, must be catching!! Jean & I had a natter when George stomped off outside again. He'd just moaned about it being cold outside. Hey ho!!! He was soon back in, making a coffee.

Grabbed myself a bargain deep box picture frame in Brainwave charity for shop £3. I'm thinking it would be perfect for a seashell display. Just need to decide how. I've Googled & looked through Pinterest. Plenty to inspire.

Chatting to Mum on the phone earlier when I spotted a Goldcrest in the garden. Don't think I've ever seen one before. It did a QUICK whizz about, not stopping, obviously nothing tasty in my garden. Will have to check out it's dietary preferences and add  to my Coop shopping list for tomorrow. The blackbirds are loving the meal worms I've been putting out, but I threw the fat balls and peanuts away yesterday as they had all gone mouldy. I can't understand why the Blue tits are'nt eating them.  It still amazes me how birds keep warm when it's so chilly out there.

An early blip ... I've got the munchies .. No cider .... Need chocolate. No chocolate ... black coffee it will have to be then.

Thanks to laurie54 for hosting Mono Monday this month

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