Squirrel Appreciation Day ...

I've been to the Coop to do the shop with Mum, been up the allotment to prune the fruit bushes and cut the vicious, thorny, tasteless, blackberry back to the ground.  I need to kill it & I think I've got just the treatment. I just need to remember where I put it.  Had my camera with me all the time, have'nt spotted one squirrel anywhere. Just how difficult can it be to find a squirrel ... No luck here, so I've had to resort to sharing part of my squirreled hoard/stash. This is a Torquay/Ella sitting collection. I keep all my collections separate, for now anyway, but there are a couple of pieces of blue & white china in here where will more than likely ended up in a mosaic. I actually have a jar of stashed hazelnuts that I harvested last Autumn in the cupboard so I appreciate the fact that "we" share the hazelnut harvest.

 I personally appreciate & am thankful for everyday that I am here.

Time for bed. I need to go through hubbies meds with him in the morning. More meds that he has'nt been taking that he should have.

Thanks to KangZu for hosting Tiny Tuesday

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