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By kendallishere

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Don't Shoot Portland sponsored the sixth annual "Reclaim MLK" march today. LaRhonda Steele sang civil rights songs while the crowd gathered. I made nearly 300 photographs, which is estimated to be the number of people who attended the march. Beth Nakamura, the local newspaper's head photographer, was on hand and made some very moving, powerful photographs. She and I had a little time to talk while we were waiting for people to arrive, and she said to me, very sweetly, "I hope if I live to be 75 I'll still be out making photographs like you are today." I only made it through the first two hours (it was cold and damp, but not raining), and I only accompanied the march for the first few blocks. I had a wonderful time processing for the rest of the afternoon. I added my own set here.

This song by Kate Tempest pretty much says it all for me:

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