By pensionspoet

Lamb to the rescue

Luckily for Matthew (or even Matthew's leg) we have a resident lamb who can be heated in the microwave, and then applied ( or hug) where you need him most. Today it was to help with a running injury. Matthew came to work prepared with his own belt to tie said lamb to his leg. I think it helped, although he might have burnt his leg a bit....but you can't have it all ways!!

Car started after being put on charge all night with the new charger Jon bought yesterday. I drove all the way in to Norwich where I dropped Mollie and Josh at the station for a day in Cambridge. Parked in the city centre and just hoped it would start when I picked it up tonight. It did. Now I'm back at the station waiting for the Cambridge train, so that I can ferry them home again.

Nothing exciting about my day to report. It has been a cold foggy and frosty one here. Like a proper winter's day. Nice.

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