Wide Wednesday: Favourite(??) Place

Steveng is hosting WidWed this week, and the topic is "Favourite Place".

You may think it's unusual for me to choose the dentist as my favourite place, but this is my favourite place to have dental treatment. Until just over 5 years ago I really didn't like going to a dentist: I still had rather unpleasant childhood memories of painful fillings and extractions under primitive anaesthetics.

However, 5 years ago I ran into trouble with a root abscess in one of my teeth and developed really nasty toothache: my then dentist said he couldn't fit me in for root canal work for over 10 days, even privately. Having spent my working life putting myself out to help patients regardless of the time of day I wasn't impressed. After a week of waiting (with very little sleep) I phoned round and found a dentist who would do it the next day - albeit privately but at reasonable cost. He was fabulous - I entered in some agony and walked out an hour & a half later, cured. I transferred my subsequent NHS care to this practice and have no fear of going there. It's certainly my favourite place for dental treatment.

So why have I blipped it today? Oh, I just went for a filling to be replaced - it fell out a few days ago. However I declined to partake of the other more exotic treatments shown on their posters :-))

(Note: Other dental practices and treatment providers are available.)

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