Capital adventures

By marchmont


After a good night's sleep (I even missed the fireworks) I had a swim in an empty pool before 8.

We then set off beyonf TTDI for dim sum but the restaurant was closed for CNY so it was back to Sri Hartamus. That was 45 minutes wasted.

Then to the Batu Caves. There was clearly some kind of Hindu ceremony taking place as it was rammed and we queued for ages to get near the car park. Turns out J gets vertigo with s touch of claustrophobia and probably didn't enjoy the experience. The girls liked the monkeys though.

Then to the KL Tower. More queues. We didn't go to the Skydeck. We came back past St Andrew's Presbyterian Church where #1son and daughter in law were married.

Then to the pool to cool off and chill out before heading to Madam Kwan's for a meal of traditional food. #2'granddaughter had a major melt down on the way there as she refused to walk. Dinner was followed by a trip to a closed money changer and an open Daiso.

This being a tourist is exhausting.

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