Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Good weather's gone


YAY! It's finally Thursday! What a relief. G finishes early, so I was ready to leave work by 11:30 having done over 30 invoices while I was there. G needed to pick some things up for Awana from someone across town, so we headed straight there. We saw a red Chinese dragon crossing the street near the villa we were visiting. It's that time again!

We had to pop into Festival City for a quick bite to eat and a small shop and then before you knew it, it was time to leave for Awana. The kids weren't too hard to manage even though we were one helper down. We tried them out with some good old fashioned kids songs. I guess I'd not really done that earlier because we had a smart aleck who said he didn't want to sing "cheesy" songs. He left Dubai just before Christmas, so now we can sing songs for our age range. :)

My blip was taken by G as we drove home in the afternoon. Our beautiful cool, clear days are over. Today we had this raging sandstorm and 27degC temps. :(

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