By MsQuizzical

Confiding Heron

We went to Fishers Green again today for more testing of my repaired lens. I had a heron in shot and could see a very large group approaching. I was ready to capture it when it flew. The group was Greyhound Walks, Ollie dog sat sensibly and watched as all the lovely dogs passed. It didn't spook the heron at all. We crept towards the bird and it stood rooted to the spot. I was beginning to wonder if it was ailing. I don't think I've ever got as close to one of these birds before. Amazing that Ollie dog didn't concern it. Its bill is quite dark orange. I believe their bills darken when they're coming into breeding condition.

We sat on a fishing platform and watched the redhead smew, that I photographed yesterday, preening. When it had finished it swam straight towards us and I got a much better image than the one I blipped yesterday.

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