An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Boyfriend Boris...


Mrs Elf had to leave just after 9.30am to visit an aunt so we had cereal together and she was on her way.  So lovely to see her and spend time with her.  She is like a breath of fresh air.

LeeAnne and Gail appeared slightly later and we got full cooked Scottish breakfast brunch on the go.  

Gail's partner Brian was bringing their gorgeous black labrador Boris for a play date with Lola, so he joined us for brunch too.  Lola was in seventh heaven when Boris arrived.  Turns out his ears are very tasty!  She has a bit of an obsession with other doggie''s ears!  Gail proved very popular with the pair of them (see extra :-)  I wonder why!

Brunch over, LeeAnne headed home, David, Brian, Lola and Boris headed off to the moor to give the pair of them (Boris and Lola that is ;-)) the chance to run around daft and have a roll in the mud!  It was a well timed walk as it had been raining all morning but by the time they headed out the sky was clear.

Gail and I took ourselves off to put our feet up in the garden room and put the world to rights.  

When the motley crew arrived back almost two hours later it was coffee and cake time, before they headed off home and Lola looked forlornly at the kitchen door.  Aw Lola...I'm sure Boris will come back for another playdate soon :-)

I decided a read of my book was in order, but after reading the same paragraph twelve times, I gave in and let myself doze off, ending up in a deep sleep till David had to shake me awake to tell me dinner was ready!  

Jeez, it's tiring work enjoying oneself!  :-))

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