An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Did you hear the one about...

Well it was just after 1am when Alan and Ally arrived back and despite being late bedders, we were in bed but not asleep.  As soon as I heard them come in my eyes grew heavy and sleep came :-)

He didn't appear till half eleven this morning and couldn't stop laughing when I called him a dirty stop-out :D   They ended up at the late showing of A Star is Born and by all accounts Alan really enjoyed it.  I think Ally has set a precedent now for when she's on an overnight!

This afternoon when David, Jordan and Alan were swimming and I was working merry away on my little photography project, I had a surprise visit from John and Norma, who'd popped up with my birthday pressie.  They had been on a short break earlier in the week so couldn't get up on my actual birthday. 

I was glad I had my camera to hand as it enabled me to catch Lola telling Norma a particularly filthy joke that thankfully Norma found hilarious :-)))

Lazy Saturday night watching the first episode of the new series The Coroner, which we'd kept from earlier this week.  I enjoyed it but guessed the whole story almost almost the beginning.  Hoping future episodes are not so predictable.  

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