By DonnaWanna

Wide Wednesday - Low Angle

As I first crouched down to take this shot Toto yanked me over as another dog appeared out of nowhere. It was very embarrassing and a lady walking by came over and helped me up! On the second try I tied him to the bike rack and got a fairly decent shot of this huge and beautiful Morton Bay fig tree which is a landmark in our local area.

After work we went down to our favourite park for a quick spin to see if I could get anything more interesting than the big tree. The traffic was horrendous and then there were a lot of dogs and their owners prowling around the lake which made Toto a lunatic! All in all not a successful trip or a hugely successful day for photography!!:o).

In extras are a few of the shots from the park. The ginkgo tree is gorgeous and I was leaning against the trunk taking a shot straight up and Toto cocked his leg and tiddled on my jeans! Shooting into the sun just to get a shot of the big group of ducks that Toto was dying to get amongst! And one with Toto in the shot gazing out at another big group of ducks in the far distance. What a day/What a dog!!

Thanks to RockArea for hosting - I nearly mistook your name as the theme for today! :o)

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