Rodents rule

By squirk


A group of us from work went to the new exhibition at Two Temple Place – Unbound: Visionary Women Collecting Textiles. One of the first pieces was this spencer, which is a short jacket worn in the Regency period that was worn with an empire waist dress. This particular spencer dates from 1815–1817 and is made of silk taffeta. It's part of the Olive Matthews Collection.

We didn't manage to finish the exhibition in the lunch hour so we'll return soon. It's free so we can go as many times as we like and it's in a wonderful building, too.

I work too late, but felt I needed to send a few things out the door. I mangled a few emails, though, so really it would have been better to do it in the light of day, but I'm not in the office again until Monday. Ah well.

One bonus of working late was that I met Fred who was out with his work colleagues on his unofficial leaving drinks (he's at the end of his contract, but he will be back as soon as the company finds money to hire him again). I was delighted to meet colleagues I'd heard about but never met. One is very fond of word games and, terrifyingly, she has challenged me to a game of Scrabble when we go round to hers for dinner. I think she's going to trounce me.

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