Rodents rule

By squirk

Waiting for the X

With the few moments I had to kill before the bus came, I had some fun with the camera. A lady asked me advice about the express bus – she'd never caught it before as it was her first day working in central London. Being a veteran of the route, I pointed out the nuances of the X, particularly paying attention to the sign – if the '68' has no 'X' in front of it, then that's the slow bus. Wait for the express. Just to illustrate this example a 68 appeared with an X68 right behind it. I love this express bus service.

Fred treated me to a curry this evening and we chatted about all the positive things that had happened in our day. His were cherry blossom and bumping into a couple of people who live locally. Mine were chatting with my co-workers in Delhi first thing this morning after the technology worked first time and the meeting room wasn't double booked. I also enjoyed a solo chips 'n' beans 'n' two toasts with a cup of tea at a cafe by Trafalgar Square. It's a proper caff, too. I was startled by the other diners in the cafe, who were all Scottish, apart from a lady who ordered mushroom omelette and salad. The rest of us were all on a variation of chips and beans. It fair tickled me.

It's been non-stop at work, but that's the time of year it is – busy in publishing while we send off the final books that are publishing in 2020. We have a couple of months left, but this is the end stage where we need to start finalising everything and there are lots of loose ends to deal with. The light isn't at the end of the tunnel as yet, but hey ho.

Oh, and I seem to have paid for my tax twice. I'm sure I'll get it back –hopefully sooner rather than later. Yikes.

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