Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR


Xena has got kennel cough - how she got it I don't know but she meets many dogs on her walks and it is highly contagious. She is not really ill, it is the equivalent of getting a cold in humans. She is still eating all her food and being her bouncy self. The vet gave her some medication as she is a puppy so extra precautions are required but usually no medication is given as the virus just works itself out of the system again. She is also getting some top grade Manuka honey to relieve her dry throat (spoilt pup!)

 So to keep her away from infecting other dogs I am trying to walk her at off peak times and not allowing her to mix with other dogs, using the long lead where necessary. Because of that I decided to take her for a walk at Bushy Park today, as it is very open with large spaces to walk, and there are not as many dogs as in the woods. It was freezing cold there with an icy wind blowing across the common. Plenty of space for her to run and not come into contact with another dog, and then to use the lead when I saw another dog approaching. 

I took my camera but there was not much of interest there today - not a deer in sight (maybe because of the wind?). Later when I was home again I remembered a place that always has a very good display of crocuses, so I went along to see if they were up - and they were, there was a wonderful carpet of crocuses. I never know how to photograph them, close up shots of individual flowers, a small group, a large group? Anyway I took a few photos then returned home again and had a very late lunch.

The Coronavirus outbreak is worrying as no one knows how bad it will get. I know that scientists all over the world are working hard to come up with a vaccine, even in the lab Adam works in they are doing some work on it.

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