Pictorial blethers

By blethers


What a difference a day makes ... For a start, the sun shone for an appreciable time, and though we were caught in a passing shower among the woods, it stayed dry in Dunoon and all my towels dried outside. We looked at various clumps of cloud from our blue-sky garden and decided Benmore Gardens was our best bet for a sunny walk, and it was on the way out that we were rewarded with the sight of the bush I've blipped. It hangs over the river Eachaig, and the sun was on the amazing berries that have been red all winter and it was like a variant on the burning bush. Magic.

By evening, it looked as if our regular choir practice might turn out to be a disaster, with two members missing because of illness, another because she's on a cruise ship somewhere near Vietnam, doomed to sail the seas because very few of their destination ports seem prepared to take them in this time of pestilence; yet another was away singing in her other choir, and two others had sudden emergencies and had to call off at the last moment. As the choir has 10 members when everyone's there, this left ... four. And the MD. And we've just had a wonderful rehearsal; we worked our socks off; we sang really well together; we blended beautifully.

In celebration of this, I'm posting an extra of us at the end of the rehearsal when we were singing The Magpie. Think the words "Devil, devil, I defy thee"!

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