Pictorial blethers

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Wide sky

I had a busy morning today - though I have to confess that since the early years of my retirement, when I would go swimming before breakfast, I have found my mornings growing ever shorter. I wonder if any other retired blippers succumb to the temptation to sit over the remains of breakfast catching up on social media ... Anyhow, I made up for it by cleaning the sink properly before moving on to the last, finicky bit of getting my poetry collection file ready for the publishers. It's the ghastly moments when the text suddenly moves on a page because you've inserted an illustration that give me the most angst.

But this afternoon I took my angst for a walk under the wide sky at the south of the Cowal peninsula, where you walk through farmland instead of forests and see for miles - to Bute and beyond to the shadowy shape of Kintyre, to the Arran hills swathed in cloud this afternoon, to the last gleams of the sunset that was happening beyond the cloud. My extra today will be of that view, but the main photo is of the bare trees on the edge of the Ardyne Burn gorge. I love the way the one in the very middle of the photo has obviously been pretty destroyed at some time in its life, but is gamely starting out again with new growth on its huge bole. 

And I clocked up over 10,000 steps again. Good.

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