NOT a pretty sight - BUT …

It's another for my record only.
I started one yonks ago in the worm-bin. ---->and added one using a different "starch" Later … 
I then started  another in my "Earthmaker©"
Since I'm now doing a "solo-run", I do not produce the same amount of compostable/wormable waste; in consequence it has taken a while to fill my compost bucket near the back door.

I recently did a freezer de-ice and managed a cock-up. Forgot to switch it off; froze the bowls of hot water and thawed the contents which were standing outside.
: ¬ (
Fortunately it contained a very low stock level, which will rapidly be consumed.
There's always a "HOWEVER" >>>--------> Some ancient plums, senile Sloes and dead Dandelions bit the dust and were added on top of the compost bucket.
I'll see what comes out the bottom; I suspect the paper wrapper will be unrecognisable but the non-plastic "compostable" will still be intact.
We shall see.

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