Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

Seconds out … Round two.

It's had a wee rest, apparently, and is ready for a new year.  I lifted it down from the window cill for a closer look at and was fairly sure I saw one leaf snap shut. I couldn't understand why … and then I think I've worked it out.
I am not a fan of the "Best viewed LARGE." Brigade for a couple of reasons:-
1. I seldom think mine merit closer inspection.
2. If you haven't sense to do it of your own choosing, who am I to try and force you to do so?
There is often a:-
In this case, a larger view may show what happened. "not only, but also"©  closer inspection seems to show one or two other young leaves in a similar head in the lion's mouth situation?
I think a new leaflet had wended its way right along the centre line of one of last year's leaves.  Result - my lifting/moving caused sufficient of a tremor to activate the SNAPTRAP.  You might see a new leaf lying along, and poking out of, the closed leaf?
As I, so frequently, say - "We shall see."
I confidently expect a bit more colour, maybe like this, as we get more sun.

For the record, the flower, stuck in the pot did not produce a plant; NOT that I expected one, but when "them as knows" suggest it, who am I to not try it?

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