Wearing purple...

By 60plus

It's been a funny sort of week...

...not sure whether I've been busy or dizzy keeping the plates spinning...
Yesterday was haircut and pneumonia jab - though the nurse grabbed me for a flu jab as well! She couldn't do anything for my virus-induced deaf ear though. Badminton last night, Pilates this morning and podiatrist this aft...we know how to have fun ;) 
For Widwed - the new end of the graveyard at Kirkburton, which I learned today houses some Commonwealth War Graves...

Anyway -  thanks for all your MonoMonday entries – dogs, cats, people and other animals looking out of doors, windows and cages; looking out to seas, rivers rooftops and carparks; looking out for each other and the environment; and the ever-presence of surveillance cameras  – it was all there!

This week my hearts – which I will deliver ASAP - go to:

rmeinz's waves

Tweedy's intrusive camera

Laurie54's tech guru/model

chrissel's damp view from the window

Pl4yPhOto's reproachful dog

audioengineear's minimalist bench


Honourable mentions go to:

DigitalDave's roof

Sheol's washing machine, which made me laugh out loud...

ApolloFly's daffs

Cowlieowlie's dad

KangaZu's cat

SkiMe's dire warning

Six of each, but hey, who’s counting!
Monday 10 February 2020 “Looking In” #MM316

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