Broken Dreams

The Wednesday sketchers went to the Goodwill Store to draw today. Oh boy, was that way out of my comfort zone. There we were, maybe a dozen of us, scattered around on the bulging overstuffed chairs and mismatched dining sets. Some bolder folks selected glassware and dried flowers from the shelves and created still lifes on the chipped tabletops. Shoppers roamed the aisles with carts and small children in tow, as if this were an ordinary day. Anything I'd ever learned about quick sketching in crowds went right out the window; I tried a few pencil studies of my fellow sketchers, but even that made me nervous, even though it's always interesting to see how many ways the human face is put together. I was much more at ease with my camera, although without the cover of the group I probably wouldn't have attempted that either. Boy, something about standing out in public like that sure makes me squirm.

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