Time ball and Espy

The time ball is not on Calton Hall but in Williamstown. The Espy is not in Portobello but in St Kilda.

Another grand day out. I took the ferry cruise down the Yarra to Williamstown and had a good walk round the town, past the time ball, and refuelled with a ciabatta lunch. Then it was back east on the St Kilda ferry, which took half the time. I walked out to the end of the pier and then walked up to the Esplanade before walking down Acland Street for the tram. Looked at the cake shops but this time didn't buy any.

It was a lot warmer and sunnier today, more like summer. Back to King Street to change and then another walk to Eau de Vie, which is tricky to find. I walked past the door 3 times! It is an interesting place and dinner was a Petit Pois cocktail accompanied by a couple of oysters followed by a Fat Tuesday with goat's cheese. lavender honey and sourdough toast. Watching the cocktails being assembled was fascinating. There was much blow torch action.

And finally back to St Kilda pier at sunset to see the Little Penguins come in to roost. Unfortunately there were very few of them visible. I did see 3 but not as spectacular as when I saw them in Phillip Island many moons ago.

I've enjoyed being a nostalgic tourist.

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