City Farm

Jess came to visit last night but I went to bed at s decent hour so woke up briefly during the night and then was up for a swim after 8.

It was, again, very hot today, but we had a morning visit to a city farm in Bangsar established under high tensile pylons. Not a cloud in the sky and sunny so hot. There were ducks, herded, other birds and a 'wild' rabbit that Amelia was very enamoured with.

Then on to Bangsar Village or brunch. With it being serving day of CNY holiday the roads were extremely quiet and many restaurants were shut.

In the afternoon Wen and the kids went to visit her 2nd (paternal)aunt and I balanced books. With all the coming and going the girls are out of sorts. Dinner but was leftovers and very good augmented with bread and cheese, and I had beer as a reward.

Later I cooled down with another swim.

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