We went out to friends for a meal last night and then Keith, Mr. HCB and our grandson, Harry spent their time playing with an adult version of the marble run game called "Gravitrax".  It certainly keep them out of mischief, which meant that Sue and I could chat, which was great. 

We were quite late getting home and it was a very frosty night, but we decided that we would watch the final episode of “Silent Witness” but either it wasn’t on - dratted football again - or our recorder failed so by midnight we gave up and went to bed. 

I was late up this morning and did get dressed straightaway - it was too frosty to go out in my pink robe - so went into the garden, fully clothed, to look for some of nature’s own abstracts for today’s challenge. There was plenty to choose from but my favourite was this heuchera, mainly because the deep, rich purple is my favourite colour. 

It’s been a beautiful day today with blue sky, no wind to speak of and sunshine - and it’s certainly much warmer - so Spring is on the way;  a day when it’s good to be alive and definitely a day when it’s great to be retired! 

I’ve been out and given away about 8 hearts - made one lady cry when she saw it - and had some lovely chats with strangers. What’s not to like? 

“Nature does not hurry - 
     yet all is accomplished.” 
Lao Tzu

P.S.  It's a good job it was warmer today - the pump on our central heating system has decided to go on strike - just hope our friendly plumber is able to fix it soon.  

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