Thank You For the Days ..

By Fyael

I Dream of an Electric Car ....

Today was always going to be a bit of a rush. The Moneypit was due at 8am at the garage, to have a wheel bearing fixed.

 Then it was off to singing, followed by a hasty lunch and a quick trot across town to sewing. 

After that, I met up with TM, to the glad news that the garage had found a couple of other problems - a cracked exhaust and a leaking fuel line. A part is needed that they don't have, so our options were to wait for it to be fixed tomorrow, maybe, and hope the cats hadn't eaten all the food we'd left them in one mad binge - or get the bus home. 

So it had to be two hours freezing on the bus ....  Still we had a very nice meal before boarding, in the nearest cafe to the bus station. I blipped this place - Holy Cow - a few weeks ago. It turns out to be vegan, a new experience for us. I had an excellent burger, followed by a delicious piece of chocolate and cherry cake with some sort of creamy topping, which obviously wasn't cream. 

Took the picture as I scooted over the canal bridge at lunchtime. The blip is a piece cropped out of the extra, for Abstract Thursday.  Thanks again to Ingeborg for this lovely challenge.

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