Another busy day

I’d got it into my head that I needed to spring clean the house before we leave at the weekend so today’s task was cleaning the bathrooms - all 3 of them as we have a main bathroom and 2 en-suites. Much sloshing of soapy water and a bit of elbow grease and I was done - felt very satisfying.

Got organised to read into town to meet a new friend - the wife of an old boss of mine - we’ve been FB friends for a long time but this was our first face to face meeting. I did a bit of shopping before heading to our meeting place. I was very restrained and ordered water. I waited and waited and after an hour thought there must be something wrong. The bar staff were lovely and didn’t pressure me at all to order a drink. Messages and texts were going unanswered so I figured that something had come up, but I waited a bit longer before checking if Mr PHL wanted to come in and meet me and go fort a cheeky Chinese meal. He did.

Sitting in the restaurant I got a text and as I hash assumed, something had come up - phew was glad nothing was wrong - so rearranged for April.

Blip is of the floor in the ladies in the bar we should have met in - but of a cheat abstract but I liked it - thanks Ingeborg.

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