By Viewpoint

Minimalism: Witch Hazel

I thought if I was going to do my annual Witch Hazel image it had better be now as I’m sure the flowers will start to go over before long.  I might try it again tomorrow on a black background.  

I’ve been playing around with the Lensbaby (the one with the aperture rings that you have to change manually) this afternoon - F2.8 ring with 0.6X wide angle lens.  I’m using it on an old Panasonic micro 4/3rds and it’s not the easiest of cameras to select the spot focus, though the deliberate intention when using this lens is to render part/ some/ most of the image out of focus.

Fox Valley late morning to buy a veg, cheese (and something sweet) on the market, followed by coffee and salad + pizza in New Med.  Chatting to our regular server on the bread and cake stall I discovered that she is related to a few people in our village, and that Peter - the owner of the field where I photographed the female Orange-Tip butterflies is her uncle.  (It won me a FIAP or PSA ribbon in the Yorkshire Salon.)

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