By Viewpoint

I’ve been looked after so well by people

Andy delivered my fruit and veg yesterday afternoon on his way home from Penistone Market, well he half delivered it, as he left one bag behind his seat.  I thought I’d asked him for red grapes, but couldn’t remember what else.  He rang from home to say he’d found the bag and offered to bring it back, but that would have been too much to ask of him, especially as he starts so early in the morning in order to set up.

What else happened to lighten up my day?  Well my support from the rehab team did find me and arrived about 10 am.  It was the first time she’d visited and im not the easiest to find.  I’d had my breakfast, so she just put a few things away and brought down my tray from upstairs.  I’m always  happy to cut down some moving around.  Wayne came to practice using crutches with me as I have to get out to the roadside on Tuesday morning (though they might bring me a wheelchair).  He says I’m using them Ok, but  I’m still not over confident and I’d need chairs placed strategically along the  yard so I can rest along the way.  We had to investigate the heating again.  For some reason it seemed to be playing up again but when I switched to On it seemed to work, so he came with me upstairs.  I’m much more confident about negotiating the stairs on my bottom than I am with the crutches. For as much time as possible I tried to sit with my foot up in the sitting ro om, but inevitably there are times when I’m preparing food or tidying g up when I have to move around and have my right foot dangling down .   I don’t think I realised how much movement is involved in food preparation and cooking before.  So much we take for granted.  I now have to gather things together when I start and I’m really grateful to Linda who re-organised the space around the sink when I first came home so that the kettle was next to it and I could access many things in a reasonable small area.  I wouldn’t have thought of doing that at the time.

I watched the first hour of an RPS Zoom meeting which started at 4 pm: RPS Digital Imaging - Passion Projects Nature & Landscape with Robert Canis, which was interesting.  He talked about his approach to Projects, which is of interest to me at the moment as I’ve said I’ll do a camera club session in March.  Whether I’ll be able to focus enough to put it together is anyone’s guess!  He had some interesting photographs to look at and very positive messages about photography but I had to leave him running on the table while I got my food ready.  I do think an hour and a half is too long for a zoom talk?  

I had a new support carer, Charlotte, who found me ok and who was here by 7pm, which I don’t mind as I played about with editing on my iPad when she left.  Ideas more than anything else.  I’ll try cutting out using Affinity this morning.  I know I can get myself safely up the stairs, so I need to set myself up with coffee and cups and things upstairs so that in the event of snow, and they can’t get here, I have all the things I need. 

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